April 26, 2023

Get a Perfect Smile with Xenograft Dental Implants in Idaho Falls

Are you looking for a way to achieve the perfect smile without surgery? Xenograft dental implants are the answer! As one of Idaho Falls’ premier dentistry practices, we offer xenograft – a revolutionary method for replacing lost teeth with permanent implants that can give you an exquisite makeover in just one short visit. With its fast installation time, minimal recovery period, and a natural look and feel, there's no better option than xenograft if you want a dazzlingly beautiful smile.

What are Xenograft Dental Implants and How Can They Help You Achieve a Perfect Smile? 

Have you ever heard of xenograft dental implants? They are made from biological materials derived from animals, specifically cows. While this may sound unusual, it actually offers many benefits such as reduced risk of rejection and faster healing time. These implants are designed to fuse with your jawbone, providing a sturdy foundation for a crown or bridge. 

Whether you've lost teeth due to injury or decay, xenograft dental implants are something to consider. This proven method has been used in the dental industry for over three decades and has had a huge success rate for many patients. Say goodbye to self-consciousness and hello to a beautiful, natural-looking smile with the help of xenograft dental implants.

Who is a Good Candidate for Xenograft Dental Implants and What are the Benefits?

Patients with insufficient jawbone density or those with whom autograft or allograft methods were not successful are among the ideal candidates for xenograft dental implants. Xenograft implants are bio-compatible with human tissue, making it a highly effective solution for dental restorations. They are designed to fuse with the bone in your jaw, providing extra support for your teeth and improving your overall oral health.

The Procedure Itself - What to Expect Before, During, and After Treatment 

If you are considering a xenograft dental implant procedure, it's important to know what to expect before, during, and after treatment. Before the procedure, you will consult with your dentist and they will examine your teeth and create a treatment plan based on your individual needs. During the procedure, the dentist will clean and numb the area surrounding the missing tooth, making a small incision to insert the implant. The xenograft material will then be placed into the socket where the tooth is missing. 

After the procedure, follow your dentist's instructions for proper care and maintenance. While there may be some discomfort and swelling initially, it will eventually subside. Your provider may choose to prescribe you medication or inform you about an over-the-counter medication you can take for pain management. Keep in mind that it takes several months for a xenograft dental implant to fully fuse with your jawbone. 

The Cost of Xenograft Implants and How to Save Money on the Procedure 

Dental procedures can be expensive, and xenograft implants are no exception. However, there are ways to save money on this procedure without sacrificing quality. One option is to ask your dentist about using a synthetic alternative to the xenograft implant. Ask about payment plans and financing options to help make the cost of the procedure more manageable. You could also try to shop around for different dental providers to compare prices. Some dental insurance plans may cover part or all of the cost of the procedure, so check with your insurance to get a better estimate. 

Maintaining Your New Smile and Xenograft Implant Care Tips

If you have recently undergone a xenograft implant, it is important to take additional care or your oral health beyond regular brushing and flossing. Always follow the instructions provided by your dentist to ensure proper healing and longevity of the implant. Some of the things you may be asked to do include avoiding hard or chewy foods, rinsing with saltwater, going to follow-up appointments, and taking prescribed medications. 

Xenograft dental implants provide an efficient way to rebuild your teeth and smile. They’re a great choice since they are compatible with most patients, and one of the benefits of this procedure is that it eliminates discomfort and has a fairly quick recovery time. If you think xenograft dental implants might be right for you, schedule a consultation with us today and take the first step towards getting your perfect smile!