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We handle general dentistry with the same skill, precision, and care that we approach our specialty work with. fillings, crowns, bridges, root canal, dentures are all approached with meticulous skill and an attention to detail that’s hard to find anywhere else. We take pride in ensuring that you have the very best dental experience possible. We focus on you, and making sure your smile is always at its best and brightest so you feel confident in sharing it with the world.

Taylorview Dental - Top-Rated Dentist in Idaho Falls

Teeth Cleanings

We focus on you, and making sure your smile is always at its best and brightest so you feel confident in sharing it with the world.”

Taylorview Dental - Top-Rated Dentist in Idaho Falls


At Taylorview Dental we offer white (composite)as well as silver (amalgam) fillings to restore your teeth back into function.

Taylorview Dental - Top-Rated Dentist in Idaho Falls


Restore your smile with natural looking and durable crowns that leave your smile not only functional but beautiful. We offer a range of materials for crowns and we can help you select the right material for your specific treatment plan.

Taylorview Dental


Replace missing teeth and restore your smile. We can create a bridge by connecting it to 2 or more adjacent teeth or anchor the bridge in between 2 implants.

Taylorview Dental - Top-Rated Dentist in Idaho Falls

Root Canals

When the nerve of the tooth becomes diseased, infected or inflamed pain and swelling can occur. The tooth must be treated to relieve both pain and the underlying infection.

Taylorview Dental - Top-Rated Dentist in Idaho Falls


These are custom made replacements for missing teeth that can be removed for cleaning and treatment. We make them natural looking and comfortable.

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Top-Rated Dental Care

We serve as a primary dentist for many people in the Idaho Falls area. A primary dental provider works just like a primary healthcare doctor, and we take our patients’ oral health very seriously. Our educational background and experience in general dentistry allows us to provide top-rated service in Idaho Falls, ID. Whether it be dentures, fillings, root canals, crowns, bridges or teeth cleanings, we make sure to provide the absolute best service for our patients.

There are many reasons to have a primary general dentist that you see regularly. Many times, patients seeks us out for the first time because one of the following issues has sprung up:

Regular checkups with a professional dentist can not only solve immediate problems that you are currently experiencing, but can also prevent future issues from forming in the first place. For example, plaque buildup and poor oral maintenance over long stretches of time is a huge reason why many people lose teeth.

Long term oral health care and maintenance is important and will help you save money, avoid the awkwardness of having bad teeth, and feel confident. It is generally not a great idea to go long stretches of time without visiting a dentist. It’s in these time periods that you are most susceptible to things like cavities, oral diseases, or other common issues that require general dentistry.

We pride ourselves on performing services that are tailored for our patients. If you are looking for a primary care dentist in Idaho Falls, please give us a call and schedule a visit today. You can find more information about our general dentistry and all of the services we provide throughout our website. 

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