April 27, 2022

Root Canals in Idaho Falls

If you have recently been experiencing mouth pain from an infected tooth, you may be searching for “Root Canal services near me” on the internet so you can become pain-free as soon as possible. Look no further than the dental professionals at Taylor View Dental for the Best Root Canals in Idaho Falls.

Most people at least cringe when their dental professional tells them that they will have to suffer through a root canal but if it is necessary, then it must be done to relieve the pain that the person has been experiencing from an infected tooth. While even the best root canals in Idaho Falls are annoying to have to undergo, you will be very happy with the outcome and pain-free.

First of all, let's explore what exactly a root canal is and what kind of things are involved in a root canal procedure.

What is a Root Canal?

Designed to eliminate any bacteria from the infected root of a tooth in your mouth, a root canal will prevent reinfection of your tooth and will help you be able to save the natural tooth rather than pulling it and having to replace it with an implant or false tooth.

During a root canal, the infected or inflamed pulp around the tooth is removed, then the inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned out and disinfected before your dental professional fills and seals the tooth. It will also help you to save your gum tissue in the affected area as well as other nearby natural teeth. The infection within the root can cause other health issues and affect your overall well-being for your entire body since infections are dangerous, so a root canal must be done right away. A root canal may also be used on a tooth that has been damaged or injured due to some type of trauma, such as a blow to the face or a car accident. Millions of people undergo root canals to treat their infected teeth every year, so it is a safe and common procedure that has been used for decades.

The Root Canal Process

Even the Best Root Canals in Idaho Falls are not enjoyable yet neceassary. The root canal process does not take long. The dental professional numbs the area and then removes the white enamel and hard layer around your tooth, which is called the dentin. That is the soft tissue that is also referred to as the pulp. The tissue contains nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels which help the root of your tooth grow when you are a child and your permanent teeth are forming. Once your tooth is fully developed as an adult, it can survive without the pulp since the tooth will then become nourished by the other tissues surrounding it.

At Taylorview Dental, the dental professional will make an opening in the crown of the affected tooth and into the pulp chamber area where the nerve is exposed. The Taylorview Dental professionals will work diligently to ensure that the entire nerve is removed and the pain that goes along with it, as well as the infection and bacteria that have built up in that area. Topical medication may be placed down into the area once the nerve is removed to cut down on the pain and help stop the infection from spreading into your mouth and the rest of your body which can affect your overall health and well-being. The final material is then placed in the root to protect it and then the tooth is completely sealed. If needed, a large filling or crown will be placed on the area depending on how much of the natural tooth structure is missing or has to be removed to conduct the entire root canal process. If the infection from your mouth has spread, antibiotics will be prescribed for you to eliminate the infection within your body in order to avoid any other health issues from the infected tooth.

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