October 27, 2022

The Benefits of Permanent Dentures

Permanent dentures have their share of advantages when compared to a standard pair of removable dentures. Not only do you benefit from dentures in general, which can help you maintain the shape of your mouth, speech, and smile, but you also reap the reward of having dentures that require less care and won't irritate your gums as much, among other benefits.

Besides noting the benefits in this piece, you'll also learn how to care for permanent dentures as well as how permanent dentures work.

General Information

If you choose to have permanent dentures, a dentist from our practice will situate two or more implants into your gums. These are metal posts, which will hold an abutment and then the dentures.

Once the practitioner places the dentures on the abutments and implants, the artificial teeth will remain in place. You won't be able to remove them as you please. Therefore, when answering, "How do permanent dentures work," it's important to note that they're basically like your own teeth because they remain in place and you care for them while they're in your mouth.

Requires Little Care

If you compare traditional dentures to permanent ones, permanent ones require less care. You don't have to remove them from your mouth each night and place them in a container to soak to clean them. You also don't have to worry about putting an adhesive on them to have them remain in place.

How to care for permanent dentures includes brushing them twice per day, just as you would your natural teeth, especially since you can't remove them and use a denture cleaner. Make sure you use a soft-bristled toothbrush and specialized toothpaste for dentures. If you're unsure of which paste to use, ask our practitioner for some recommendations.

Be sure to floss your dentures at least once per day to remove any food that's stuck in between them. The food in between them can cause bacteria around your gum line. The bacteria can damage your artificial teeth as well.

You don't need to remember to purchase dentures tablets. Instead, you take care of them like your own teeth, making them a more convenient option.

Don't Cause Much Discomfort and Irritation

Initially, you may have some discomfort as you adjust to your set of chompers. However, this is only temporary, and you'll get used to them over time. With standard dentures, it tends to take longer to adjust to them.

As you take your teeth in and out each day, you can irritate your gums, which sometimes makes wearing dentures uncomfortable. With permanent dentures, you don't have to take them in and out of your mouth, so you avoid this irritation.

Are More Inconspicuous

If you'd like people to not know you have dentures, permanent ones are less noticeable than regular dentures. They won't slip around in your mouth, nor will they affect the way you speak. In addition, this option tends to look more like your natural teeth.

Let's say you visit family or a friend for a weekend. They may see you taking out your teeth and placing them in a container with traditional dentures. By opting for permanent dentures, this won't happen to you. Therefore, your dentures can remain your little secret.

Will Last Longer

Typically, permanent dentures will last longer than a pair of traditional ones. For one, you don't have to worry about the risk of losing or forgetting them somewhere. You also don't have to worry about accidentally breaking them since they remain in your mouth. In fact, with proper care, they may be the only set of dentures you need.

Can Eat and Speak With Little Difficulty

A standard pair of dentures can shift in your mouth. It can make it difficult for you to eat and speak. However, due to the fact that these ones stay in your mouth in place, you can eat and speak normally without the worries of your dentures slipping. Ultimately, you'll have a stronger bite as well since these teeth have a solid foundation.

A trip to Taylorview Dental can change your life if you need dentures. You'll benefit from a better smile, more self-confidence, and the ability to eat and speak without problems. You can specifically benefit from permanent dentures, when you consider how to care for permanent dentures.

After learning how permanent dentures work, if they sound like an option for you, contact Taylorview Dental today for a consultation. We're available by calling 208-522-4491.