Single Tooth Replacement

Replace A Lost or Broken Tooth

What Is It?

If you are missing a single tooth an implant and a customized crown can fix the problem. A titanium screw is surgically implanted into the jaw bone, this acts as a permanent replacement for the missing root. Onto the implant, we then can add a crown that has been customized to fit exactly the look of your other teeth in shape and color. Once the implant and crown are in you can be sure they are solid and secure. You can smile again.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

Anyone who is missing a single tooth or has a decayed tooth is certainly a candidate for this procedure. Other factors include having healthy gums free of periodontal disease, being old enough that the jaw has stopped growing and you should also have enough bone to support and anchor the implant. If you don’t have enough bone, a graft can be done or, an implant might be recommended to prevent further bone loss. Smoking or alcoholism are risk factors for an adverse outcome.

What You Need To Know

Single Tooth Replacement

When you leave the office the permanent crown is crafted to fit your smile and tooth color perfectly and it’s fitted later.

A Permanent Solution

A good implant will last more than 25 years, remain stable, solid and allow you to chew and smile like a natural tooth.

Easy Maintenance

Once the implant is in there is no reason to remove it. You can clean, brush and floss it the way you would with your natural teeth.

Stimulates Bone Growth

An implant can stimulate bone growth in the area of the implant making the bone of the jaw stronger than it was before the implant.

Does This Mean I Need Surgery?

There is surgery involved and how much there will be and how long it will take depends on the type of implant you’re having and the condition of the jaw bone.

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