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"Bridge The Gap"


What Is It?

A dental bridge will quite literally bridge the gap between two teeth to replace a missing tooth. Using the teeth on either side of the gap we will anchor a false tooth in between allowing us to restore your smile with no spaces.

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What Does It Do?

When a tooth or teeth are missing, several things can occur, such as an aged jawline, shifting teeth and incorrect bite. Replacing the missing tooth or teeth helps to alleviate these ailments that can occur.

Taylorview Dental - Top-Rated Dentist in Idaho Falls

Do I Need it?

If you’re having trouble chewing properly or speaking clearly, that may be the result of missing teeth and a bridge will help. If you’re shy about your smile due to missing teeth a bridge will help that as well.

Long Lasting Dental Bridges

We specialize in dental bridge work for those that are missing one or more teeth, and are able to service those located in close proximity to Idaho Falls. 

Dental bridges can be completed for both front teeth and molars. There is less pressure that is put on the front teeth when chewing, and the location and number of teeth we need to account for are two factors when choosing the type of dental bridge.

Two main types of dental bridges
There are two main types of dental bridges: removable bridges and fixed bridges. 
Removable bridges, which are also referred to as partial bridges, sit on top of your gums and are connected to the adjacent teeth. As the name implies they can be removed and should be cleaned each day.

Fixed bridges are bonded to dental implants that are attached to the jaw bone. They are more natural looking and you care for them much like a regular tooth. Only a professional dentist can remove a fixed bridge.

Our Process
Our dental bridge service in Idaho Falls, ID will help you understand what a dental bridge is, what it does, if you need it, and what the benefits are. We will provide a solution that works for you.

Our Advanced Technology

Pros Of Bridges

Missing teeth can cause an alteration of facial esthetics. Your face tends to sag and your lips with flatten and thin. Also, when teeth are missing the remaining teeth will shift into unfavorable positions leading to a painful bite and hard to clean teeth resulting in decay.

Restore Your Smile

Gaps from missing teeth can make you self conscious about your smile. Lose the gap. Take your smile back and regain confidence with a bridge.

Keep Your Face In Shape

Missing teeth can change the shape of your face and age it. Jowls can form, and your lips will flatten and thin. Bridges can help prevent these changes.

Keep Teeth In Place

Teeth can drift toward the gaps left by missing teeth, making your smile less attractive. A bridge keeps your teeth where they should be.

Even Bite Force

When teeth are missing the force of your bite can be unevenly distributed. A bridge fills in gaps and allows the bite force to cover all the teeth in an even fashion.

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