Restore Your Teeth

What Are They?

Dentures are replacements for missing teeth. They are usually custom made to fit your jaw and replicate your natural smile. Not permanent, they can be removed for cleaning purposes and for sleeping.

What do They Do?

They replace missing teeth, dentures can also help you chew better, speak better and preserve the shape of your face. Tooth loss causes your face to sink, look older, dentures prevent that.

Do I Need Them?

If you have a number of missing teeth, problems chewing your favorite foods or you’re self-conscious about your smile then dentures may be right for you. Ask us about your options.

Frequently Asked Questions


With advances in dental technology today your dentures will not only look natural and complement your facial features they are also more comfortable than ever. Ask us about partial or full denture options.

Will I Have My Teeth?

A full denture, also known as a conventional denture, is placed in your mouth after the remaining teeth have been removed and your gums have healed. Healing may take several months and during this time, you will have no teeth.

Can I Avoid Having No Teeth?

Yes. We can take measurements and do models of your jaw then we can give you what’s known as an immediate full denture, which is inserted as soon as the teeth are removed. Due to bone growth and change post healing, these need to be realigned once the healing is complete.

Do I Need All my Teeth Removed?

No. You can have a partial denture that is on a metal frame and is anchored to existing teeth.

Do They Last Forever?

Over time, you will need to have your dentures remade, realigned or perhaps rebased. This is due to normal wear and because the jaw changes as we age.

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