Restore Your Teeth

What Are They?

Fillings allow us to restore your teeth back to their proper shape and function after successfully removing all decay and sources of infection.

Do I Need Them?

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort while chewing or eating certain foods you may have a cavity that needs to be fixed.Ask us and we will let you know with our detailed examination.

Types Of Fillings

We offer several varieties of white (composite) and silver (amalgam) fillings. Let us know your preference, and we can help you decide based on your own personalized treatment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are Silver Fillings Safe?

Yes, amalgam fillings are safe. A great deal of research has examined these fillings and found them to be an effective, long-lasting treatment for dental decay. Amalgam, or silver, fillings are made with mercury, silver, tin and copper.

What Are The Most Popular Fillings?

Composite fillings. They are popular due to their price and for the fact that they look very natural.

Are There Glass Fillings?

Yes, resin or glass ionomer fillings are most often used in children’s teeth or in someone with rampant decay. There are other situations we use these as well, such as close to the gum line where there is a lot of saliva. These white colored fillings are less durable, but they release fluoride making it the ideal filling in certain situations.

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