Teeth Cleanings

Keep Your Teeth Healthy & Bright

What Is It?

A cleaning starts with checking for any signs of gum disease as well as identifying areas of excess buildup of plaque and tartar. Using a scaler our skilled hygienists will remove all the plaque and tartar that has built up on your teeth. A high-powered brush with
fluoride impregnated paste will then be used to help remove staining from your teeth and give your teeth that truly deep clean feeling that we all love. Our hygienists will then flow in between all of your teeth to remove any remaining plaque and particles to ensure optimum gum health. Lastly, a fluoride solution will be applied to your teeth to help strengthen your teeth and fight future cavities.

Do I Need It?

Good oral hygiene starts at home with daily brushing and flossing. For optimum oral hygiene, a professional teeth cleaning is strongly recommended every 6 to 12 months. This ensures that a dental professional can skillfully remove any buildup as well as check for signs of gum disease, dental decay and oral cancer

Frequently Asked Questions

Teeth Cleanings

Oral health is important. One way to remain healthy is to have a professional cleaning 1-2 times per year so your mouth can be fully examined and we can look for signs of gum disease, dental decay and oral cancer.

Does It Hurt?

It shouldn’t. If your teeth are sensitive it maybe a sign of disease or recession so please tell your dentist if you are experiencing this. You may also hear some noises or smell some scents you are unfamiliar with, but rest assured it should be a painless procedure that leaves you with a beautiful smile you can’t wait to share with others.

How Long To Heal?

With a typical cleaning any discomfort should subside within 1-2 days. For a deeper cleaning where our hygienists have to scale along the root surfaces to fully remove all plaque and bacteria your gums may feel “loose” for a few weeks. With proper at home care and following protocols given to you by your dentist and hygienist your gums should start to tighten up and form a seal around your teeth again within a few weeks. In certain cases when the gum disease is more advanced we will have you come back again within 6 weeks to ensure proper cleaning and improvement in oral health.

Will Teeth Be Damaged?

No. It’s a myth that enamel can be scraped away during a cleaning. It may feel like teeth are being damaged but we know what we’re doing and we will not damage your teeth.

Can Plaque Be Removed At Home?

You can certainly reduce plaque build-up by brushing and flossing daily; however, plaque and tartar can only be fully removed by skilled dental professionals. Professional tools are needed to completely remove all plaque and bacteria without causing damage to your teeth.

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