Bone Grafting

Replace or Reinforce The Bone In Your Jaw

What Is It?

When there is not enough bone in the jaw or the bone present isn’t strong enough to support an implant, a bone graft may be necessary. We use bone grafting material, naturally occurring and biocompatible, which is then grafted to the jawbone. Time is needed for the graft to create new, strong bone to support the implant. This can take several months. However, if there is only a small graft needed, this can be done at the same time as the implant surgery.

Do I Need It?

Jawbone loss or recession can result in a sunken look to your face and it can contribute to tooth loss. If you have bone loss and you need a dental implant, a bone graft is usually necessary. Soft or weak bone density can also be cause for a bone graft. An implant needs strong bone in order for it to be strong and remain stable. An implant can stimulate bone growth, however, there has to be enough bone for the implant to take.

What You Need To Know

Bone Grafting

With advances, we now have biocompatible grafting materials that can help strengthen the current bone and make an implant possible. Healing time can be reduced and bone growth can be stimulated. The implant is more secure and long-lasting.


This is a synthetic material that is readily available and cheaper than some alternatives. There is also less risk of donor-specific infection.


These are bone grafts that come from your own body. They are considered the “gold standard” of grafts. They have a high content of resident growth factors which make them ideal.


These are bone grafts similar to autografts as they are human in origin but usually come from a cadaver or a bone bank. Some worry about disease but a tight screening process and advancements in processing technology make disease virtually unseen in the U.S.


These are bones taken from another species, usually of the bovine variety. The organic portion has been completely removed so there is zero chance of contracting BSE (Mad Cow Disease).

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