Tooth Extraction

"Having a Tooth Pulled"

What Is It?

Tooth extraction is also known as having a tooth pulled. This is when the tooth is removed completely from the dental alveolus of the alveolar bone. Permanent teeth sometimes need to be removed.

How Is It Done?

If not impacted, the problem tooth is grasped and rocked free. If the tooth is impacted, gum and bone tissue are cut away and then the tooth is grasped and gently removed.

Do I Need It?

One key indicator that you need a tooth extracted is pain. This can be attributed to decay, damage or disease. If the tooth is too damaged, it may need to be removed.

What You Need To Know

Tooth Extraction

Local anesthetics are used so that you won’t feel pain only pressure during an extraction. We make sure we do everything possible to make you comfortable and assuage all your fears about having a simple tooth extraction.

Can a Broken Tooth Be Removed?

Yes. In fact, if the tooth is impacted, it may be broken in pieces to aid in the removal.

What Happens If I Don't Have a Tooth Pulled?

An untreated tooth infection can get worse over time, cause bone damage and be less manageable with time.

Are There Risks?

Some, but they are rare and may include; excessive bleeding, nausea or vomiting, shortness of breath and residual pain. Again, these are very rare and we monitor you closely.

What Is The Healing Process?

Most healing will be done in about one to two weeks, new bone and gum tissue will grow over the opening and you can resume a regular diet.

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