May 26, 2022

Idaho Falls Tooth Filling Services

Tooth fillings in Idaho Falls are the first line of defense once a cavity has made its way into your tooth. A filling can serve several purposes if the dentist installs it early enough, and that's why visiting the dentistry office regularly is so vital. A tooth filling can keep your teeth strong, vibrant, and functional for years. 

About Tooth Fillings

The name "filling" describes what the piece does for your teeth. It fills the space left by an intrusive cavity that leaves your tooth vulnerable. Fillings are crafted of fine materials that fit directly over the open space a cavity leaves. A proper filling can last many years when placed by a skilled dentist using reliable materials.

Why and When You Might Need Fillings

Certain signs and symptoms can help you understand whether you need tooth fillings in Idaho falls. Tooth pain is a strong indicator that you have a cavity that needs attention. The pain can manifest as a sharp, throbbing agony or discomfort that only appears when you eat something.

You may also need tooth filling services in Idaho Falls if you find that you've recently become sensitive to hot and cold drinks. Dark spots and visible holes are sure-fire signs that you need to get a filling immediately. 

Your promptness in the matter is vital because the hole will get larger without treatment. Cavities leave room for bacterial growth and decay that eventually seep into the pulp and roots. A decaying tooth can be beyond filling treatment. That can occur when the hole is too large for the dentist to remove the decay and leave a functional tooth intact. At that point, you might need a root canal. Thus, you must get care for your tooth issue right away. 

Types of Fillings You Can Get 

You can choose from an extensive assortment of filling options if your dentist says you need one. The least expensive option is the amalgam or silver filling. They are sturdy and long-lasting but not quite as cosmetically attractive as some of the other options.

Composite resin fillings are a bit more costly, but they have the advantage of matching your tooth color to the letter. They can last about five years, whereas silver fillings can survive for at least 10 years. You can also go for gorgeous porcelain filling for the cosmetics, but they will likely last you seven years. 

Gold and glass fillings are an excellent option if you are into fashion. Why not request a gold one if you need treatment and like how gold looks? Other options are available as well. The best solution is to talk to the dentist during the consultation and ask which options are available to you. The two of you can bounce around some ideas about your treatment so that you get the best tooth filling services in Idaho Falls. 

The Filling Placement Procedure

The installation of tooth fillings in Idaho Falls is a quick process that generally takes less than an hour. The first procedural step is for the dentist to numb the area around your tooth so that you won't feel any pain. The next step is removing any degraded areas around the cavity. As mentioned before, you must get treatment before the decay spreads, or a filling won't work. 

You'll receive a new filling after the dentist downsizes the decayed area, and the entire process will only take a short time. You can feel confident about eating and drinking once you have healed from the procedure. The root area of your tooth will be covered to prevent infections and additional cavities. 

Your Appointment 

The first step to getting this care is to schedule a consultation with our provider. You will come in and provide your insurance and health information, and then you will allow the technician to take X-rays of your teeth. The dentist will then read the results and examine your teeth up close. You'll receive a recommendation for a treatment plan that you can accept or decline. Next, you can schedule the filling placement any time you feel comfortable doing it. The dentist might be able to help you the same day. 

Don't hesitate to schedule a consultation and X-ray session if you are experiencing pain or discomfort that might warrant using filling services. The team at Taylor Dental will fit you into the schedule as quickly as possible so you can get the care and attention to preserve your teeth and smile.