June 16, 2022

Missing Teeth Replacement Idaho Falls

Those individuals who suffer from missing teeth can turn to a top dentist for permanent tooth replacement or dentures for missing teeth. These options are designed to help keep the mouth healthy and restore the appearance of their smiles. Consider the following to determine which of these options is suitable for your needs. 

Permanent Teeth Replacement

There are a few options for getting a permanent tooth replacement. Keep reading to find out the options for those who want a permanent solution to missing teeth. 

Tooth Implants

 The most common is the tooth implant. These implants are designed to look and function like natural teeth. They are undetectable to the untrained eye and are the perfect option for those who recently lost a tooth. The dentist will place an anchor under the gums and in the bone. Once the area has healed significantly, the dentist or oral surgeon will attach the tooth to the anchor. Once the tooth is in place, it can function like the original tooth. The cost of implants varies from clinic to clinic. However, most dentists have a few payment options to make affording the cost of the procedure more affordable or manageable. The average implant costs anywhere from a couple of thousand to five thousand dollars. 

Implant-Supported Bridges

For those who have more than one missing tooth, getting a bridge attached to the implant is possible. This means the patient has an implant attached to a bridge that anchors to a nearby tooth. This choice helps avoid the cost of getting multiple implants in a row. It's a more economical and less time-consuming option for the patient. This procedure takes the same time to achieve and with superior results. The tooth is anchored firmly in place and looks natural. To see if you qualify for this procedure, approach your dentist at your local clinic

Resin-Bonded Bridges

The resin bonded bridge is a single artificial tooth held in place by two wings attached to the neighboring teeth. This is a good option for people with missing front teeth and good structure on the surrounding teeth. This procedure is highly effective and looks very realistic. The length of time these last is five to 10 years. 

Complete Dentures

There is a more simple solution for missing teeth besides implants. However, dentures for missing teeth may be the first step to replacing missing teeth or a good option for those who aren't candidates for tooth implants. These dentures are made from either acrylic, resin, or metal and hold artificial replacement teeth. It's also a good solution for those who have had all their teeth removed. Some dentures snap-in on anchors, much like tooth implants. These dentures can be removed for cleaning quickly. 

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are removable dentures or plates with artificial teeth installed. These appliances click into place and are secured by fasteners to the surrounding teeth. For lower partials, the fit is less secure and may require the aid of denture adhesives to keep them firmly in place. These appliances last five to ten years and come in various materials. These permanent replacements for teeth can cost one to over four thousand dollars. 

Deciding Which is Right for Your Needs

Many factors go into making a decision that is right for the individual. Some things that determine the best choice are the amount of bone loss, the location, what bite forces the teeth to ensure, and the budget. To find out more or get insight to help make a better choice, reach out to the professionals at Taylor View Dental and get started restoring your missing teeth and getting permanent tooth replacement options.  

It's important to understand that our teeth affect our health and how we present ourselves to the world. Missing teeth may make it hard to chew and eat some hard or crunchy foods, which can impact our overall health and well-being. Additionally, missing teeth affects how the world sees us and how we feel about ourselves. These permanent teeth solutions can help restore confidence and appearance and ensure the individual can enjoy the healthy foods they love to eat. Reach out now to get started on getting the smile you want so you can enjoy showing it off to the world.