July 27, 2020

10 Simple Steps To Make Yourself Look Fresh and Perky

Are you starting to see your age in the mirror every morning? Many of us find ourselves waking up looking older and more tired than we feel. There are simple things you can do every day to make yourself look fresh and perky to meet the day. 

Here are our tips to instantly look younger:

  1. Apply sunscreen daily to your face and neck. Photoaging of the face and neck are one of the biggest contributors to wrinkles and a “haggard” look. Combat UV damage by wearing a sunscreen made for the face every day. This will protect the skin from the sun and over time will keep you looking younger than your age. Sunscreen will also moisturize your skin which will provide a bit of dewy glow to your face throughout the day. This is especially important in places like Idaho Falls where cold winters and dry summers can take their toll on your skin. 
  2. Stay hydrated. Drink water throughout the day, starting with a glass upon waking in the morning. Dehydration can make your face look wrinkled, eyes sunken, and take away the lustre of your skin. If you don’t like drinking plain water, try sparkling water or adding natural flavorings to your water. Eating fresh fruit with high water content can also up your water consumption to make your skin look great. 
  3. Up your Omega 3s. Whether consumed via fresh fish or a supplement, Omega 3s have been shown to help prevent UV damage in your skin, seal in moisture and keep out irritants. For those who have thinning hair, Omega 3s may boost hair growth and reduce hair loss. Thicker, fuller hair is another factor for a more youthful, vibrant appearance. 
  4. Get regular, vigorous exercise. Getting your heart rate up will keep your skin looking great by increasing circulation to the skin, and promoting collagen. Increased collagen production leads to skin looking younger, softer, and more elastic. 
  5. Sit up straight. Improving your posture can make you appear younger (and more confident!) instantly. In the morning in your bathroom mirror, try drawing your shoulders back and raising your chin slightly. Remember to make these adjustments throughout the day. A stooped back and lowered head makes you look older. 
  6. Exfoliate carefully. Dry skin can build up on skin over time. Every week or so, exfoliate the skin with a chemical exfoliant such as AHAs or BHAs (available at drugstores), or scrub gently with a washcloth and warm water. Removing the dry dead skin and then moisturizing will make skin look fresh.
  7. Control facial hair. This is true for men and women! Keep your eyebrows trimmed and waxed. For men, it’s important to keep nose and ear hairs trimmed. If you have a beard or mustache, keep them trimmed and clean. If your beard is longer or dry, consider using a beard oil to keep it tamed and shiny. 
  8. Get enough sleep. This is one that most people know, but should be repeated. Get enough sleep every night! For most people this is anywhere from seven to nine hours. If you are sleep-deprived, your eyes and skin will look aged. The aging effect gets worse if you get less sleep than you need for multiple days in a row. 
  9. Smile. Nothing brightens up a face like a big, genuine smile. Find reasons to be grateful and cheerful throughout the day. Smiling at others will make you look more pleasant and attractive. Putting on a smile every morning can help you look and feel younger! Read on if you have teeth problems that are affecting your confidence in your smile. 
  10. Take care of your teeth. In addition to the usual flossing and brushing you are (or should be!) doing, there is more you can do to help your mouth looking young. If your tooth enamel is looking closer to gold than ivory, consider doing an in-office whitening treatment in Idaho Falls or a take-home whitening kit. Some other ways to improve the appearance of your teeth include veneers and crowns to cover imperfections in individual teeth, bonds to fix gaps and chips, and Invisalign to straighten out crooked teeth without the hassle of braces. Be sure to find the best dentist in Idaho Falls for these treatments. If you are looking for a great dentist in Idaho Falls, call Taylorview Dental. Drs. Brett and Lauren Davis look forward to helping you achieve the youthful, brilliant smile you deserve. In addition to cosmetic dentistry, we also offer oral surgery (such as TMJ and tooth extraction, and bone grafting), botox treatments, dental implants, and general dentistry services. Our friendly staff truly strive to make us the best dentist in Idaho Falls, ID!